Raghavcon have been supporting US Embassy in their various up gradations Projects, Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation (India) Ltd and Wartsila India Ltd. on a regular basis. Raghavcon not only uses its indispensable computer tools in execution of technical detail engineering, but also offers expertise in tendering, bid evaluation, negotiation with vendors, inspection & quality control, installation at site, testing & commissioning of systems & subsystems.

Facilities & Infrastructure

All employees operating at remote sites are connected via internet.

Raghavcon have tieups with various contractors which can take up construction works at various sites independently.

Certification & Clearances

Raghavcon performs on a number of government and private contracts. It possesses relevant registration, Chartered Engineers Certification with the Government. To further facilitate our forward thinking strategy, Raghavcon provides all employees with state of the art system, a user account on our LAN and electronic mail account. All employees are connected via local area network. Remote employees are serviced by utilizing the internet.

Company Performance
In the past years the company has been in existence, Raghavcon has shown substantial growth in revenue, thanks mainly to the diversity and versatility of its staff. Driven by a vision to excel, challenged by the rigors of competiveness of the market, and impaired by the innovative spirit of its employees, Raghavcon has carved a niche as a company that performs and delivers superior outputs. IT is this dedication to quality, the Best value engineering to the client that sustained our eight years of growth.
As a result of successfully performing on several government and private contracts, over the years, Raghavcon has acquired expertise in performing computer based detailed engineering. Raghavcon performs on firm fixed price contracts.

Organization & Administrative Infrastructure
Raghavcon was founded and is headed by Mr. Mukul Agrawal, whose vision is to maintain Raghavcon’s place at the forefront in the Industrial projects. A Proponent of the doctrine that there is no better way to succeed than by delivering quality and best value products to the clients.
Mr. Mukul Agrawal directs a team of dedicated engineers who share this vision and philosophy.

Raghav Expertise
Raghavcon has design & Engineering capabilities to design & engineer Power Plants, captive as well as IPP, based on heavy fuel sets with export of electrical power at EHT Voltages. We design the total illumination requirements right from traffic road lights, playgrounds to auditoriums, 5 star hotels, hospitals and power plants, large commercial buildings, Industrial setup with and without hazardous areas. The illumination is designed based and software driven. We design the cable routings of very complex nature for hydroelectric underground power plants like 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri at Himachal, Larji Hydro Electric 150 MW, Outdoor switchyards from 11KV to 400KV.

We have designed for lighting and cabling for several fuel oils handling Depots of Bharat Petroleum. It consists mainly of Hazardous area working. We are well versed with designs under Hazardous Areas. We have worked for Methane Gas handling, Acronitryle, Dowtherm and other hazardous areas. We have capability to design the communication system with intercom facility. The computer networking is done almost in all projects.

We have designed the fire alarm systems of both addressable and non-addressable in most of our projects.

For large areas having lesser movement of man and machine we usually recommend to use the intelligent lighting systems to economize of illumination expenditure and enhance the lamp life. The system also led to knowledge of movement art all places of work by operator interface. Such systems were installed at 1500MW Hydroelectric Power Plant at Jkhakri which controls about 7500 lamps of Sodium Vapor and Florescent.

Earthing is provided at all projects and is recommended as per calculation and design based.

We provide total turn key solutions to the client on design to build concept. We formulate specifications of all equipments, items, draft tender documents with bill of quantities, and provide quality control services, overseas implementation as we had done for Ocap Chassis Parts Pvt. Ltd, a 15 crore, 100% EOU Project at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India. Similar types of job is undertaken at American Embassy, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi (Order value Rs. 4.75 crores without duties/taxes).

Our Prestigious Clients
Wartsila Ltd.
Ahluwalia Contracts (I) Ltd.
Flex Industries Ltd.
Hospital Services Consultancy Ltd.
American Enbassy
Reliance Energy Ltd.
OCAP Chassis Parts Ltd., Italy
Desien Ltd.
Pioneer Consulting Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
Northern Power Ltd.
Argee Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Dimension Engineering Pvt. td.
Space Design Pvt. ltd.
Areva T & D India Ltd.
L & T
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