Raghav Consultants (Raghavcon) is a small business providing engineering services in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, and Civil & Power Plants. Beginning with the award of Architectural and Engineering contract with US Embassy, New Delhi. Raghavcon has grown to a current staff of 26 persons in less than 8 years. A principal focus of our growth has been application of state of the art system to the industry. Many of Raghavcon versatile professional staff has successfully designed the power distribution system & illumination of the major Govt. Projects of India, like 1500MW Hydro Electric underground power plant of NJPC (Nathpa, Jhakri Power Corporation) Himachal Pradesh. Auditorium Complex of NIMANS, Bangalore, Switchyards from 11KV to 400KV, Railway traction, Hospitals etc.

Raghavcon track record as a fast growing, forward thinking, and high-tech company is largely due to its corporate strategy to keep abreast of the latest technology. Our business objective is to provide best value to our clients based on performance quality & cost.

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Distribution of electrical energy

Large power plants


Intelligent Lighting

Cabling & Routing

Equipment Layout

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Embassy Projects


Industrial Projects




Commercial Building


Board room & Auditoriums


Institutional Building


External Electrification


Power Generation & Distribution


Turbine Based Project


Biogas Projects




Overseas Project






& Other Miscellaneous Projects

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