• Selection of Lighting fixtures based on area utilization
  • Design of lighting layout based on Lux Level of the area, reflection factors and software driven as per Indian Standards.
  • Lighting Layout prepared as per ceiling plans for false ceiling areas.
  • Flame Proof and Increase safety Light fixture are used for hazardous areas
  • Out Door illumination for Yards/ General illumination monumental lighting
  • Road Lighting for the Carriage way.
  • Forming the ethics of illumination power distribution with emergency lighting, exist and other warning signage

Intelligent Lighting

  • Bringing out the requirement of intelligent lighting area wise
  • Requirement is frozen for hardware – Dimmers, Sensors, amplifiers, Hubs, Time clocks, Light sensors
  • Lay outing of all elements and cable routing in a daisy chain leading to central console.
  • Guiding the manufacturer/Supplier for preparation of necessary software for function and data acquisition

Cable & Routing

  • Selection of cables as per voltage level current carrying capacity, Fault level. Voltage drop of the system and area of utilization and its de-ratings
  • Cable routing for distribution of power, overhead and underground in trenches. Selection of cable tray sizes keeping in view of expansions in the project.
  • Detailing is done for the mounting arrangement of cable trays.
  • Cable & its terminations are dealt separately for hazardous areas

Equipment Layout

  • Getting information about the equipment chosen from individual manufacturers
  • Preparation of equipment layout
  • Preparation of equipment foundation details

Earthing Layout

  • Preparation of lighting grid to cover the entire area of protection with finials and conductors, earth pits as per requirements and laid down by the relevant Indian Standards


  • Selection of equipment for transport of Power from 11 kV to 220 kV feeders
  • Planning of switch yards with Transformation to the desired voltage, complete with structures, control cabling, earthing etc.
  • Switchyard electrical layout sectional elevation & single line diagram.
  • Switchyard erection key diagram and EKD BOQ.
  • Switchyard earthmat layout & earthing calculation and earthing philosophy.
  • Switchyard direct lightining stroke protection(DSLP) and calculation.
  • Switchyard electrical clearence diagram.
  • Switchyard illumination layout and calculation(indoor & outdoor).
  • Protection SLD for switchyard.
  • Control room building panel arrangement.
  • Switchyard cable trench layout.
  • Short circuit calculation.
  • Sag tension calculation.
  • Relay setting calculation.
  • Insulation coordination calculation.
  • Knee voltage calculation.
  • VA Burden calculation.
  • Control & Power cable schedule and interconnection chart.


  • Control schemes prepared as per P & I provided by the system manufacturer/Suppliers
  • System integration and bringing the Control schemes to DCS or SCADA
  • Preparation of control cable schedule showing equipment terminal details at both ends of cables for interconnection


  • Illumination calculations
  • Cable voltage drops, de-ratings, fault levels, Load requirements, cable lengths
  • Earthing calculations, conductor sizing, No. of earth pit requirements
  • Fault level calculations at all voltage levels
  • Bill of Quantity

Fire Alarm System

  • Bringing out the area wise requirement of smoke & heat detectors, response indicators for each areas and the control philosophy
  • Selection of equipment – Addressable / Conventional
  • Preparation of wiring routing for hookup. Necessary hookup & interlocking is provided to the AHU’s & Blower fans


  • Bringing out the area wise telecom requirements with flame proof equipments for FLP areas
  • Preparation of cabling lay outing to the central console


  • Bringing out the area wise requirement of data terminals
  • Preparation of cabling lay outing to the central console via data switches in between

Building Management Systems

    • Integration of Air Conditioning Systems, chilled water requirements, usage of FCU/AHU with occupancy sensors to the central control console
    • Integration of air conditioning system with fire alarm and Public address
    • Integration of illumination with air conditioning for energy saving
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